Wireless / Wi-Fi

For a modern business, wireless networking is the foundation for success. By moving away from the constraints of wired systems, it's possible to improve business workflows, connect from anywhere and even offer extra valued service to your customers.

Wireless Networking Solutions

Using the latest wireless technology, we can create secure and reliable wireless networks anywhere you need them - either indoors or outdoors.

Our wireless solutions offer optimal coverage, high-speed connectivity with enhanced levels of flexibility and can be completely tailored to meet your requirements.

These solutions can be deployed across mixed client environments, ranging from coffee shops and small offices to hotels and retail outlets to provide managed guest and public access.

Whether it's improving your workplace or enhancing your customer experience, we can advise and recommend the best solutions that work for your business.

Site Surveys, Analysis and Troubleshooting

A wireless site survey is essential to the planning and design phase prior to the installation of a wireless network in order to guarantee optimal coverage and high-speed connectivity in your workplace. 

Comfinity offer in-depth wireless site surveys using the latest industry tools and software to identify any potential source of interference and obstacles which could affect wireless coverage for the desired areas. Using these results, we can determine the feasibility of installation, allowing to accurately calculate the required quantity and precise placement of access points and equipment.

Once installed, we will conduct a full passive survey to ensure that the coverage and tolerances are achieved, this is completed prior to handover for full sign off.



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