6th August 2022 - - 0 comments
Is your data cabling installer providing test results?

Providing a valid test report of every installed cable gives any customer peace of mind knowing that their new da...

24th July 2022 - - 0 comments
Benefits of upgrading your Data Cabling

  Your data cabling should last between 15-20 years before it needs to be replaced. Therefore, busin...

7th March 2022 - - 0 comments
Data Cabling – What is CPR and how does it affect me?

Construction Products Regulation, or CPR for short, was created by the European Union in 2017, with the focus on improving the safety of ...

28th February 2022 - - 0 comments
Wi-Fi Boosters/Repeater or Wireless Access Points (WAP)?

  The demand for the internet and the ever-increasing use ...

15th January 2022 - - 0 comments
Comfinity completes cabling for the National Ice Centre

  Comfinity is proud to be the chosen cabling installation partner for the National Ice Centre in No...

20th November 2021 - - 0 comments
Data Cabling - Electrician or Network Specialist?

While data cabling is still offered as a service by many electricians, who while they may have the technical ability, typically do not ha...


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