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Benefits of a Cabling Framework Agreement

If you are in the driving seat for the procurement for structured cabling services, you may be considering a ‘framework agreement’. When you are procuring over a period of time, a cabling framework can deliver many benefits, such as:

  • save time and reduce procurement costs
  • build long-term partnerships
  • faster project turnaround

A cabling framework agreement is designed to ensure ease of access and offer a compliant route to market for public sector organisations. Framework agreements gives access to pre-approved suppliers of which customers can directly call-off or run a mini-competition.

Most organisations will use the same suppliers time and time again, and this is precisely where the benefits of a framework agreement are most noticeable.

For example: a project has already started and building works are underway, but you need to place an order with a supplier as quickly as possible. There is simply not enough time to engage in contractual negotiations with new suppliers or to put out to tender. You have a longstanding business relationship with an existing supplier, free of disputes so you proceed on the basis of the supplier’s T&Cs in order to get things moving quickly and avoid a delay in the programme.

From a customer perspective, a framework is the freedom to award contracts without the need to re-advertise or go through the tendering process. This alone will lead to all parties saving the substantial time and cost of repeat bidding.

More importantly, frameworking is about having a long-term partnership between the supplier, customer and other stakeholders that creates the working environment need to support continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement requires a system for establishing objectives and targets and monitoring performance. Frameworks offer the structure to measure and improve performance during a project and to compare successive projects to see that lessons are transferred from project to project.

Comfinity is the preferred supplier for the structured cabling framework for many public sector organisations across the UK, ranging from colleges and universities to local councils and NHS trusts. If you would like to know more about how a cabling framework agreement could benefit you or need assistance with preparing a framework agreement, please get in touch with our experience cabling team who will provide further support and advice.

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