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NT Killingley is an award-winning commercial landscaping contractor with a high-profile customer base that includes many County, Metropolitan and Local Councils along with a variety of public bodies, architects, private enterprises and UK leading construction companies.

Due to an IT upgrade, NT Killingley required the rip and replace of their legacy Cat 5e with a Category 6 UTP cabling infrastructure to meet the new bandwidth demands of the recently installed hardware and IT equipment.

The project involved meticulous planning and careful consideration to ensure that there was no disruption or downtime during the changeover. Therefore, we proposed a solution for the works to be carried out of office hours during the evenings.

Through working closely with their IT services and support provider, we split the project into two phases. The first phase involved installing the Cat 6 cabling alongside the existing Cat 5e and terminating all cables onto the required patch panels. During the second phase of works, we removed all redundant Cat 5e cabling and terminated all user-end network points. We installed a new communications cabinet and Ubiquiti UniFi Wi-Fi access points.






Installation of new data cabinets, Category 6 UTP B2ca structured cabling system and Ubiquiti Wireless / Wi-Fi Network installation 

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