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Does your data cabling installer offer a 25-year warranty?

A 25-year warranty backed by one of the cabling industry's leading manufacturers gives any customer peace of mind knowing that their new cabling will be standards compliant for years to come. If anything should go wrong over the 25 years, the manufacturer will rectify the fault at no cost to the customer.

Most cabling manufacturers offer a free 25-year warranty as standard to end-users. However, one of the UK's leading cabling manufacturers reported that a 25-year warranty covers less than 10% of data cabling installations.

This is due to an emerging trend in hiring non-specialist contractors that offer data cabling as a package alongside their current services. In most cases, these contractors don't even know what cabling they're using since they do not have the relevant accreditations and partnerships with the cabling manufacturers instead of using a cheap, non-compliant cable that does not meet industry standards.

To put it simply, in layman's terms, would you use a plumber to install a boiler that isn't gas registered? The obvious answer is no. The process around applying for a 25-year warranty is similar. It requires the cabling installer to be accredited by the cabling manufacturer. It means the cabling installer must follow an application process based around technical and commercial capability and, commitment to undergo extensive training and sit an exam to demonstrate a complete understanding of the cabling manufacturers products and how to design, install and test systems in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines, best practice and above all standards compliance.

As an accredited cabling partner and installer for the UK's leading cabling manufacturer, Excel, Comfinity can offer a 25-year manufacturer warranty on all copper and fibre optic cabling installations as standard. Whether it's a single data point or multiple cables required to install, we provide a complete warranty at no additional cost to our customers. Added to this, our partnership with Excel allows us to offer the latest and most future-proof solutions at excellent value.

For more information regarding Excel's 25 Warranty, click here.

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